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As private jewelers, our Diamond and Gemstone location service is one of our most important offerings to you as a jewelry buyer.

By working with our network of manufacturers and dealers, we are able to offer you the best and most appropriate stone at the best price at any given moment. By not being restricted to selling what we have in a fixed inventory, we are able to put our efforts into acting as a purchasing agent for you, seeking out the perfect stone for whatever need arises.

Our network of manufacturers and dealers is comprised of both local and worldwide sources. We have been working with these suppliers for many years and have complete confidence in their ability to provide us with fine quality gems at reasonable prices.

Most of our dealers and manufacturers have international relationships with cutters and source dealers. They routinely travel to source countries to gather the finest goods available and often return with specialty items.

These specialty items are rarely offered at retail, either because of pricing considerations or scarcity of interested retail clients. These specialty stones are an ideal source of the rarest and most beautiful examples of Diamond and Colored Gemstones and offer the opportunity to create unique and dramatic one of a kind jewelry creations

You can benefit greatly from having access to this network of Diamond and Colored Gem resources. Unique varieties, rare collector stones, unusual cutting styles, finer qualities and excellent pricing are all available to you through our personalized Diamond and Colored Gem Location Service.

Please contact us for assistance in locating that perfect stone for your special piece of jewelry.